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INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION - [ET2028] VENEZIA (151327): link to l electronic exam

Pubblicato il 22/03/2020

The exam of the Industrial Organization exam will take place in take-home and  oral electronic form  starting from Tuesday 24/03. Students can participate in the appeal through the following link:

Follow the instructions below:

1. Log at 10.30 so I can give you the istruction 

2. Have a PC with an adequate network connection and webcam;

3. It is recommended to use headphones with a microphone to improve communication;

4. Have an identification document and University card available;

5. When starting the video conference, remember to turn off the microphone to avoid disturbing entering the virtual room;



INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION - [ET2028] VENEZIA (151327): Exam on 24/03

Pubblicato il 17/03/2020

The date of the exam of Industrial Organization is 24/03. You can find any further details on moodle


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