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Instructions for the exam - 27 August 2020 - 9.30-12h

Pubblicato il 18/07/2020

The next exam of the course ET2029-MACROECONOMICS (AF:259567 AR:151280) will take place on August 27, 2020 (9.30-12h). The type of exam will be written, using the Moodle platform in combination with a webbrowser-environment to carry out online exams safely (SEB - Safe Exam Browser). This software must be pre-installed in your local machine. Students will be allowed to participate in the exam using the following videoconference link

Enrolled students are invited to read carefully the following guideline:

1. You must use a PC/laptop with an adequate network connection and equipped with a webcam. Tablets and smartphones are not compatible with the SEB software.

2. Pre-install the required SEB software and run the self-test.

3. It is advised the use of headphones equipped with a microphone to facilitate the communication with the exam instructor.

4. Make sure to log into the conference room using your institutional account.

5. Please have your Ca’ Foscari ID card available at any time during the exam.

6. Before opening the SEB software, please ensure that your webcam and microphone are activated.

7. The exam will consist of 10 short questions that will be addressed with free text inputs. Each question will have a value of 3 marks. A minimum of 18 marks will be required to pass the exam.

8. No quantitative nor graphical inputs will be required to fully answer a question. Consequently, the use of calculators will not be allowed.

9. Your individual presence and identity will be checked in the waiting room (videoconference) from 9.30h to 10h.

10. The duration of the exam will be 120 minutes (from 10h to 12h).


David García León

18 July 2020 

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