Edouard ROYER

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Edouard Royer is a senior engineer with background in Software, Aerospace and Data Science

He started his carrier in 2006 as a software engineer in aeronautics for Zodiac Aerospace. He then moved to the French Space Agency in 2013 where he worked as a Technical Conformity Engineer in the frame of the French Space Operational Act (FSOA). He was mainly monitoring the industrial production of European launchers' avionics devices. He also acted as focal point for the agency during the launch campaigns in Kourou, as well as coordinator of the survey network for space industry in Belgium.

He moved to Italy in 2016 where he first worked as a data scientist for Bluefarm, using his software and management skills to make available EO data to aquaculture sector in the frame of several European projects funded by European Commission (UE) or European Space Agency (ESA). He coordinated a Bluefarm proposal which was selected to participate the 2017 Copernicus Accelerator Program, a mentoring program organized by ESA. This mentoring led to a commercial partnership with Planetek for a new aquaculture service on the Rheticus® platform (Rheticus® Aquaculture).

From September 2017 to December 2018, he acted as Quality Manager for Magex Srl, improving the whole production process and managing the certification process ISO 9001. He made the organization progressively move toward a robust industrial process, and the ISO 9001:2015 certification was successfully obtained in September 2018. He is a certified Internal Auditor in the sense of ISO 9001:2015.

Since April 2019 he started a collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University within Roberto Pastres research team, working for H2020 GAIN and H2020 NewTechAqua projects. He acts as lead data scientist, pursuing the goal to extract value from data in order to enhance the ecological transition of the aquaculture sector. His activities are especially focused on data assimilation algorithms, Precision Fish Farming paradigm, machine learning approaches.

Edouard is also consultant for Bluefarm Srl: he provides support in the field of data science, software engineering and business management. He is also in charge of the Copernicus Relays membership.