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  • storni Cartography, Geodesy, and the Heliocentric Theory: Yves Simonin’s Unpublished Papers in CENTAURUS, vol. N/D (ISSN 0008-8994) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link al documento: 10278/3724858
  • marco storni Shank, J. B. (2018) Before Voltaire. The French Origins of “Newtonian” Mechanics, 1680-1715. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, pp. ix+444. Cloth, $55.00, ISBN: 9780226509297. in CENTAURUS, vol. N/D (ISSN 0008-8994) (Recensione in rivista)
    Link al documento: 10278/3724855
  • storni Clocks and Timekeeping in Lavoisier’s Experiments on Animal Respiration: The Chemical Revolution, Its Material Culture and Taken-for-Granted Knowledge , Material Histories of Time. Objects and Practices, 14th-19th centuries, De Gruyter (ISBN 978-3-11-062213-3) (Articolo su libro)
    Link al documento: 10278/3724856
  • storni Du Châtelet on Newtonian Attraction , Époque Émilienne, Springer (Articolo su libro)
    Link al documento: 10278/3724857
  • Storni, Marco Maupertuis et la science de la musique in ANNALES DE BRETAGNE ET DES PAYS DE L'OUEST, vol. 123, pp. 157-178 (ISSN 0399-0826) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3711781