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Research Institute Research Institute for Green and Blue Growth

Pubblicazioni per anno

  • Bertolini, C; Bernardini, I; Brigolin, D; Matozzo, V; Milan, M; Pastres, R A bioenergetic model to address carbon sequestration potential of shellfish farming: example from Ruditapes philippinarum in the Venice lagoon in ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE, vol. Non indicato (ISSN 1054-3139) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3743294
  • Bertolini, C.; Rubinetti, S.; Umgiesser, G.; Witbaard, R.; Bouma, T.J.; Rubino, A.; Pastres, R. How to cope in heterogeneous coastal environments: Spatio-temporally endogenous circadian rhythm of valve gaping by mussels in SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 768, pp. 145085 (ISSN 0048-9697) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3743293
  • Bertolini, Camilla; Royer, Edouard; Pastres, Roberto Multiple Evidence for Climate Patterns Influencing Ecosystem Productivity across Spatial Gradients in the Venice Lagoon in JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 9, pp. 363 (ISSN 2077-1312) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3738562
  • Bertolini, Camilla; Brigolin, Daniele; Porporato, Erika M. D.; Hattab, Jasmine; Pastres, Roberto; Tiscar, Pietro Giorgio Testing a Model of Pacific Oysters’ (Crassostrea gigas) Growth in the Adriatic Sea: Implications for Aquaculture Spatial Planning in SUSTAINABILITY, vol. 13, pp. 3309 (ISSN 2071-1050) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3743292
  • Bertolini, C.; Pastres, R. Tolerance landscapes can be used to predict species-specific responses to climate change beyond the marine heatwave concept: Using tolerance landscape models for an ecologically meaningful classification of extreme climate events in ESTUARINE, COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE, vol. 252, pp. 107284 (ISSN 0272-7714) (Articolo su rivista)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3743290