ROSSI Francesco

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Current position:

Lecturer of Chemistry for the foundation year students a/a 2021 - 2022, CFSIE Ca'Foscari School for International Education.


Academic and research history:

2020 Ph.D in Biophysics, University College London (UCL), Department of Physics and Astronomy

2013 M.Sci Curricula of Chemistry of Macromolecules, Materials and Nanosystems at the University of Florence (IT)

2011 B.Sci Chemistry at the University of Florence (IT)


Industrial positions:

2016 - 2018 Researcher, IMRE A*STAR, Singapore (SG)

2014 - 2015 Laboratory Technician, Procarta Biosystems ltd., Norwich (UK)

2013 - 2014 Consultant for Procarta Biosystems ltd., Norwich (UK)


Short term missions and international exchanges:

2021 STSM for the test dielectric properties and heating capability of peptide stabilized gold nanoparticles and nanorods for microwave hyperthermia, University of Malta E-COST: CA17115-48010

2021 STSM for the synthesis of peptide stabilized gold nanoparticles for microwave hyperthermia, University College of London E-COST: CA17115-47981

2020 STSM for the preparation of peptide stabilized gold nanoparticles for microwave frequencies hyperthermia, University of Malta E-COST: CA17115-45286

2019 STSM for the preparation of peptide stabilized gold nanostars for microwave frequencies hyperthermia, University of Malta E-COST: CA17115-45286 

2015 Secondment at the University of Florence (UNIFI),as early stage researcher in the Marie Curie Industry academia partnership “DNA Trap”

2015 Scientific mission for the analysis of soft matter samples using synchrotron light (48h), Electra Synchrotron Trieste 


Scientific interests and recent research fields:

Synthesis and application of nanomaterials to the bio-medical field, characterization of nanoplasmonic materials, self-sterilizing surfaces, light activated interaction between nanomaterials and organic dyes, material science.



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