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Su appuntamento. Si prega di contattare la docente per email:
Il ricevimento si tiene nello studio della docente: Malcanton Marcorà, 4° piano, oppure su Zoom.


Pubblicato il 30/01/2023

All students who will not attend my classes, but nevertheless want to take the exams relative to those classes, must contact me to arrange a specific, mandatory writing tasks. Please get in touch at least one month before the exam. Email:

Pubblicato il 30/01/2023

This is an advice for all students, and especially for those with a disability or learning difficulty.

Starting from the first week of lectures, on the Moodle webpage of the course you will find videos with excerpts from the lectures, as well as handouts.

I seek to write accessible texts, but you can help me improve my work.

In the interest of your privacy, you do not have to tell me about your disability or learning difficulty, if you prefer not to.

However, if you have a disability or learning difficulty, and you think it can be useful, I highly reccommend you ask for support for attending classes, taking exams, and getting accessible learning material. Please check, and contact

Please do not wait for long: ask for support at the beginning of the course, otherwise I will not have the time to adjust my teaching style and learning material.

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