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E-mail voghi@unive.it
Fax 041 528 1494
Sito web www.unive.it/persone/voghi (scheda personale)
Struttura Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica
Sito web struttura: https://www.unive.it/dais
Sede: Campus scientifico via Torino
Stanza: studio Z.C28 (edificio Zeta C)
Research Institute Research Institute for Green and Blue Growth
Research Institute Research Institute for Complexity

Born in Gorizia (1960), Italy. Graduated in Biological Sciences (1985, University of Modena, 110 cum laude). Grant holder (1988-1991) and Contract Researcher (1991-1992) at University Cà Foscari.  Research scientist in Ecology (1993-2003). Associate Professor in Ecology from 2003 (UniVe), she teaches Applied Ecology, Ecology II and laboratory, Ecotoxicology, Biomonitoring/Bioindicators at the degree course of Env. Science of Un. of Venice. Her scientific activity is focused on Marine/Estuarine Ecotoxicology and Bioindication with extensive experience in the development and standardization of ecotoxicological methods and integrated tools of assessment employed in the study of the ecotoxicity of pollutants, sediment monitoring, wastewater control, impact of materials used in maritime works and nanomaterials. The focus of the research is the development, standardization and transfer at the national and international level of “Early Life Stages” toxicity testing with echinoids and bivalves developed for marine and lagoonal environments. She was also working on micropollutants’ bioaccumulation (bivalves and polychaetes). She has also research experience in Benthic indicators and indices, Population dynamics of benthic invertebrates in inland and transitional waters, Biotechnologies for pollutant’s control (heavy metal behavior in activated sludges, microfauna dynamics in urban-industrial plants). In collaboration with CNR-ISMAR she has also provided scientific contributions to typological classification of lagoons and other coastal transitional environments.

Coordinator of bio-ecological area for the degree course in Env. Science (UniVe, 2004-2007). Coordinator for Ca’ Foscari University of the Internat. Master Ecogovernance (EU, 2008-2009) and member of the steering committee of Masters in REACH (EC1907/2006) (Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, 2010-2012) and “Contaminated land assessment and remediation” (UniVe, 2010-2011). Mentor and lecturer in Masters/Summer Schools at international level. From 1998 she is member of the steering committee of the WG "Acque salate/salmastre e sedimenti" of UNICHIM. Coordinator and responsible in research programs financed by EU, Italian Ministry, public and private Institutions, private companies. Supervisor of 5 post-doctoral fellowships, 10 PhD students, 3 grant holders and more than 50 graduation thesis. She collaborates for experimental activities, research projects and scientific tutoring (Summer Schools, PhD students, Visiting researchers) with many colleagues from USA/Europe. She is referee for Ecotoxicology, Env.Toxicol.Chemistry, Environ.Int., Chemosphere, Ecotox.Environ.Safety, Mar.Environ.Res., Science of the Total Environment, Hydrobiologia. She is author/coauthor of 121 scientific publications, 52 of them appearing in peer-reviewed journals and more than 130 communications/posters at international/national congresses. The SCOPUS H-index is 16 and the Google Scholar H-index is 19.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                 october 2014