Academic year: 2022/2023

Level of qualification

Bachelor's Degree Programme

Ministerial degree code

L-18 (Business Administration)

Announcements and Regulations

The teaching regulations of the study course depend on the following organisational aspects: educational goals, access methods, study plan, exams, final exam, job opportunities, etc. Throughout their university career, students must refer to the teaching regulations enforced from their matriculation.


Department of Management, Cannaregio 873, 30121 Venice (Italy)
For further information please contact the Economics Campus,

Head of studies

Curriculum in Business Administration (in Italian): Prof. Antonio Proto (Teaching Committee Coordinator,
Curriculum in Business Administration and Management (in English): Prof. Anna Cabigiosu (


Italian and English

Access to the programme

Programmed, 480 available positions
Regarding the available spaces, there are 60 spots reserved for non-EU students, of which 5 space is reserved for Chinese students, living in China, studying under the Marco Polo Project.

Curriculum Business Administration: 300 available positions; test of logic/mathematics and Italian/general culture. Furthermore, a certified knowledge of the English language at least at B1 level is required.

Curriculum Business Administration and Management: 180 available positions; test of mathematics in English and certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2.

Admission requirements

To access the course, a previous suitable background is required. Each curriculum requires specific knowledge, which the student should have before enrolling the university in order to attend the course successfully. This knowledge may be verified before enrolling.

If the result of the test is negative, the student can enroll, but they receive a supplementary required exam (OFA), which means that the student must fill any gaps in their background through specific activities organized by the University.

More information on OFA for this programme is available on the webpage dedicated to admission test.

Admission with international qualification

Applicants with international qualification must have obtained a secondary school diploma after having completed at least 12 years of schooling. The preliminary evaluation of the qualification is mandatory. Procedures and deadlines are available on the dedicated online platform.
European applicants and non-European applicants with a permit of stay valid for enrolment must take the onsite admission test. Non-European applicants who need a visa for enrolment will take the admission test via Skype.

Course overview

The Business Administration Bachelor's Degree Programme trains students to understand business operations, analyse the main management issues related to decision-making processes, business organisation, marketing, business finance, banking operations, budget, and other relevant instruments (i.e., analytical accounting and budget).

It features two different curricula, Business Administration (taught in Italian) and Business Administration and Management (taught in English); the latter provides for the content of the Bachelor's Degree Programme through an international approach. 

The first academic year includes lessons on business, economic, legal, and quantitative areas to provide students with basic Economics principles.

The second and third years focus on the management areas and include additional legal and quantitative subjects. 

Moreover, during the third year students can choose three courses which will help them orienteering towards a Master's Degree in Economics, or towards a professional choice in Accountancy or as Employment Consultant. Students may refer to the frequency plan for the suggested subjects for each Master's Degree. The Bachelor's Degree Programme aims to form  professionals able to cover management and business consultant positions across various sectors (i.e., industrial, trading, banking, financial, public) both in Italy and abroad. Graduates in Business Administration can be employed in operational and management positions across several business units (administration and control; HR; trading and administration; finance and financial intermediation).  The English taught curriculum is intended for students willing  to work in an international environment. Graduates might work as business consultants within established firms or as self employed (accountants or consultants).

Curricula available

  • Business Administration (in Italian);
  • Business Administration and Management (in English).

Occupational profiles

The bachelor’s degree course aims to create professionals capable of working in management and consulting roles in private and public companies, in Italy and abroad. Graduates in Business Administration can take on operational and management positions in various business functions (administration and supervision, finance, organization, sales and marketing). The curriculum in English is intended for students interested in performing these roles in companies operating in an international context.

Graduates in Economia aziendale (Business Administration) can also perform consultancy activities or carry out a professional activity as an accounting expert and a job consultant. To this end, the Management Department has entered into two agreements with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts and with the Order of Labor Consultants of Vicenza.



Examination assessment and graduation

Learning activities comprise taught courses, workshop-based projects and internships in companies based in Italy and abroad so that students can acquire the necessary competencies to enter the world of work.
During the course of their studies students will take exams to assess learning outcomes.
The final exam involves the preparation of a paper on a topic chosen by the student; the marks for the final exam are added to the average mark obtained in the intermediate exams.

Access to further studies

Professional Master’s Programmes (1st level) and Master's Degree Programmes.

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