Festival Internazionale
di Letteratura a Venezia
1 4 Aprile 2020

From home to home

Incroci di civiltà 12 e ½
From home to home

Friday April 3 and Saturday April 4

The thirteenth edition of the festival Incroci di civiltà should have taken place on April 1- 4. The festival has been suspended and put off because of the emergency provoked by the Covid19.
While we all "stay at home",  Incroci di civiltà is planning to reorganize the 2020 edition in a moment in time when we can go back to normal and see one another again.
Meanwhile, Incroci di civiltà wants to pay homage to the festival and to its public, by broadcasting the videoconversations we recorded through the internet, from home to home, with a small but important group of writers, who were the guests of previous editions of the festival.
We have interviewed the writers when they too must stay "at home", during this global lockdown. The interviews are focused on the present moment of crisis all over the world.
They offer an inside view of the situation in the US, the UK, Mexico, Italy and other countries, always seen from "inside the writers' homes".
They allow us to capture a very personal, friendly, almost intimate, side of the writers' lives in this extraordinary moment in the history of the XXI century.

The videos are in the languages of the interviewed writers (Italian, or English, or Spanish) with no subtitles, as it was technically and logistically impossible for us to provide them. When we can, we will add them to the videos.