Summer intensive Italian courses

Online Summer intensive courses of Italian language and culture

Ca’ Foscari’s School for International Education (also known as CFSIE) will be offering online intensive Italian language and culture courses in Summer 2022 to provide an effective and consolidated manner to start or keep on learning Italian.

The intensive course calendar will allow students to complete in over just a few weeks a learning process of Italian language embracing both linguistic and cultural features including a virtual full immersion in the wonderful city of Venice.

Erasmus and international students enrolled in Ca’ Foscari, members of partner universities, but also those who are lovers of the Italian language and culture, as well as of Venice, will find these online courses an invaluable instrument for a communicative approach to Italian language learning.

Online study

Our online courses feature “distance learning” thanks to the the use of multimedia learning instruments. 

The classes offered by CFSIE include:

  • direct classes in live streaming using the Zoom platform;
  • distance learning activities, supervised by the class’ language expert, on the Moodle platform

The courses are held by highly qualified native speakers of Italian.

Technical requirements

The online courses are accessible by means of an up-to-date PC, laptop, notebook or tablet, a stable, fast Internet connection, preferably with unlimited Gigabytes, and connected microphone and webcam.

All applicants must already have the aforementioned equipment available at the time they enrol in our courses.

Last update: 18/01/2023