For 12 Venetian Businesses creative heritage to strengthen competitive edge

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is launching the “V_Heritage” project, funded by the European Social Fund through Venetian regional authority to strengthen the competitive edge of Venice’s creative industries. The University will support 12 businesses from the Venetian region in discovering their cultural heritage in order to realize the value of what they do, tell their story and connect with the local area. “V_Heritage” is one of many initiatives run by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice foundation.

The 12 businesses involved in the project are: Angelo Orsoni srl, Ceramiche Dal Prà, CIBAS sas, Costenaro assicurazioni srl, Fondazione Scientifica Querini Stampalia Onlus, Grafiche Tassotti srl, Le Nove Hotel, Parise Giovanni Soffieria srl, Sagredo Hotel srl, Sibania srl, Stylnove ceramiche srl and Trend Group spa.

The “V_Heritage” project aims to connect past, present and future to create a new narrative of the heritage of Venetian creative industries and to build new strategic relationships with the hospitality industry. The century-old heritage of creative culture in Venetian business will be branded as a guarantee of quality.

Ca’ Foscari will work with its business partners on their use of storytelling to describe the history of their products and of their business, with the aim of distinguishing Venetian businesses from their competitors not only with the quality of their products but also with the stories behind them and how they’re told. The project, furthermore, aims to promote appreciation of the local culture of industry and production

“We propose an enlightened business model that is in line with strategies of social responsibility”, explains Fabrizio Panozzo, Professor of Management at Ca’ Foscari and Scientific Director of the project. “Creative culture in the Venetian Region is a product of a long tradition that is inimitable: we will  present this culture as a guarantee of excellence in the present and as a springboard towards even higher goals in the future. We will assist our business partners in creating authentic experiences for their customers by helping them recover their own historical memory and traditional values. We aim to make their products and the environment in which they are produced iconic symbols of a lifestyle”.  

The “V_Heritage” project includes training and consultancy that aims to stimulate the creation of new languages and new symbols to make the customer feel part of an authentic community. The V_Heritage project will also work closely with the high end of the hospitality sector to make production spaces (furnaces, weaving mills, joiner’s workshops) original and authentic experiences.