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Dual Enrollment University - Conservatory

In accordance with article 29, paragraph 21 of Law 240 dated 30/12/2010 and the M.D. 28/09/2011 it is possible to enroll in both courses of study at the University and at the Higher Institutes of Musical Studies and Dance (Conservatories).

Interested students can declare upon registration, their intent to make use of the dual enrollment made available by these institutions, presenting the syllabuses foreseen by the respective regulations.

Students who are accordingly enrolled at both institutions can benefit from this dual enrollment regardless of the level of the courses in which they are registered.

The studies in both institutions must be planned in order to acquire, through academic activities at both institutions, the relative educational credits that may not exceed the overall limit of 90 ECTS (university credits) per year, with the exception of those obtained from subjects that are gradable in both disciplines.


Enrollment for first cycle and second cycle degrees takes place with the procedures and expected deadlines for all students and is described on the specific web pages. Please note that:

  • for courses that require an admission test, registration requires the student to pass a selection process according to the admission notices published within the degree courses sites. Students’ study program must be approved by the Board of Teachers before accepting their place in the programme;
  • for all first and second cycle degree courses, in addition to the documentation normally required, the student must include during the application process:

    • a self-certification of enrollment at a Secondary Institute of Musical Studies and Dance (specify name and address of the institute; year of enrollment);
    • the study program of the courses at the Secondary Institute of Musical Studies and Dance where the student is enrolled.

Once the enrollment is complete, the Enrollment sector will present the study program from the Secondary Institute of Musical Studies and Dance to the Board of Teachers associated with the studies where the student would like to register. Simultaneously, the registered student will have the possibility to access the Personal Area and complete the study program foreseen by the university courses for which they wish to register.

The Board of Teachers will confirm the study programs presented and their compatibility with the accompanying attendance and the obligations required from the student for each year of study. Following this verification, the study programs are then approved by both institutions. Eventual changes to the study programs or requests by the students will be approved using the same methods.

Should the Board of Teachers deliver an adverse opinion and only in the case of courses without an admissions test, the student may withdraw from their studies and request a reimbursement of the paid installment.

Assistance and Financial Aid

Students can benefit from reductions on university tuition and fees based on the economic situation of  the household and/or based on merit. They can also access the allocation of grants for the right to university education and to announcements for the implementation of student collaborations (either generic or specific types).

The reduction on the tuition payments based on the economic situation of the student’s household must be requested with the correct procedure and within the deadline specified in the official regulations published at the following address of the university website:

The reduction on tuition payments based solely on merit should not be requested as it is automatically applied during the processing of the second installment of fees.

The scholarship and the student collaborations cannot be requested at both institutions: the registered student must choose which university where they intend to apply for benefits for the right to education. The procedures and deadlines for the submissions of applications can be found at the relevant web page.

Students enrolled for subsequent years

Each academic year, students must write up their study program following the terms and procedures established by the university and submit it to the Student Administration Unit (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) a self-certification of the exams taken at the Conservatory and eventual changes to the study program.

The Student Administration Unit (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) will audit studies conducted in both institutions in order to ascertain the total limit of 90 credits per year, with the exception of those obtained from subjects that are gradable in both disciplines.

Last update: 22/06/2022