'Green' cosmetics: British start-up invests in Ca' Foscari patent

The agreement was signed on Thursday, 24 February 2022 in Aula Baratto at Ca’ Foscari during the conference “Sustainability in cosmetics. Bridging research, patents and market”, which focussed on the relationship between sustainable research and its enhancement in the cosmetic industry.

Drugs and pesticides in the feathers of sandwich terns and seagulls

Pollutants are everywhere. Two studies conducted at Ca' Foscari have found anti-inflammatory drugs and other substances in the tissues of seabirds who nest in the lagoon, thanks to chick feather analysis.



How has life expectancy changed since 2020 because of COVID-19?

A joint study by Ca’ Foscari and the University of Padova, published in the international journal PLOS-ONE, shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on life expectancy in many countries around the world. The study was conducted by Stefano Mazzucco (University of Padova) and Stefano Campostrini (Ca’ Foscari).

Agnese, the unknown daughter of Marco Polo

An exceptional discovery was made by Marcello Bolognari at the State Archive of Venice: the last will and testament penned by a young woman on 7 July 1319 in Venice and entrusted to her father Marco, reveal the existence of a daughter of the famous traveller and author of the Travels of Marco Polo.

Italian mission discovers ancient Buddhist temples in Gandhara, Pakistan

One of the most ancient Buddhist temples in the world has been uncovered during the latest archaeological excavation campaign of the Italian mission led by Professor Luca Maria Olivieri in the city of Barikot, in the Swat region of Pakistan. 

Lagoonscapes Venice: a research hub for Environmental Humanities

"Lagoonscapes. The Venice Journal of Environmental Humanities" is the first Italian journal to focus on Environmental Sciences. It is directed by Serenella Iovino and Stefano Beggiora, promoted by the New Institute Center for Environmental Humanities and published by Edizioni Ca' Foscari.

GAIN: a more sustainable future for aquaculture 

The Green Aquaculture Intensification in Europe project (GAIN) aims to make aquaculture more efficient and sustainable, with a view to safeguarding the environment, the wellbeing of fish, and product quality. The project was coordinated by Professor Roberto Pastres and lasted three years.

New palaeoclimate discoveries 17 years after EPICA campaign

Ca' Foscari's labs and researchers are at the heart of the achievement of an international research team specialising in the palaeoclimatology of polar regions, published in Nature Geoscience. Temperature fluctuations over the past 800,000 years have been identified thanks to deuterium analysis.

Bioinformatics and medieval philosophy: two new ERC projects at Ca’ Foscari

The winners of this prestigious European grant are Nicola Prezza, an assistant professor of Computer Science looking to improve the study of DNA mutations, and Caterina Tarlazzi, an assistant professor of Philisophy who has worked extensively abroad.