International College: applications for graduate students are open


The call for admissions for Ca' Foscari’s International College — the university’s “honours school” for high-achieving students — is online. There are 8 places available for students of any nationality who wish to apply for the first year of a master’s degree in academic year 2022/2023. Make the most of your university experience and submit your application! The deadline for applying is 7 July.

Applicants will be evaluated based on their academic qualifications and on an interview. Check out the admissions criteria.

About the College

Ca’ Foscari International College is an honours college that provides talented high-achieving students with additional opportunities to enhance their education. This year the college celebrates its 10th anniversary. The two main strengths of the College are its international outlook and multidisciplinary approach. English is the official language of the College. Students develop their international outlook by living in a multicultural environment and being encouraged to spend time studying and doing internships abroad.

Studying at the College means enriching your university experience with a personalised cultural programme that involves interdisciplinary courses, team work, laboratories and extracurricular activities. College students get to live in the Santa Marta residential campus, which was inaugurated in 2019 in a residential area in the city of Venice, following a major feat of urban renewal.

“Merit, curiosity and critical thinking are essential for any educational project,” says Professor Marco Li Calzi, Director of the College. “Our College increases the opportunities for students to put their qualities to use. The College was founded 10 years ago and since then we have hosted 230 students and 76 professors. Our alumni have either found employment or continued their studies around the world, while our professors take the innovative ideas and projects that were first fostered at the College and share them in the university’s courses.”

The Santa Marta Residential Campus

The Santa Marta residential complex offers a series of services that promote a sense of community life. About a third of the surface is made up of common areas, including services for studying and free time, such as study rooms and conference rooms, the laundry room, entertainment rooms and the gym. 

College students are a part of a lively and passionate community, which is enriched by the circulation of ideas and multidisciplinary content that is offered by Italian and international teaching staff as well as students from all over the world. 

The College from the College Alumni's Perspective

“The College has completely changed my perception of the academic world. I’ve understood that I could get more out of my university experience. The great teaching I gained from the experience of living in the College community for two years is that you can be ambitious in life, without being competitive.” Federico, USA

“At the College I was able to put my potential to the test and to challenge myself on various levels. The College offers opportunities to explore your potential at a fast pace.” Francesca, Italy

“The College taught me to get out of my comfort zone, both by living away from home and by studying subjects I had never approached before. At first I felt kind of scared and disoriented, and this is precisely why I suggest trying it out. Life at the College can really change you and it offers plenty of opportunities to help you become who you want to be and do what you want to do.” Dalia, UK

These are some of the testimonies of College alumni who today work in the field of research, business, finance, communication, teaching, and management. From Paris to London, from the USA to Hong Kong, the College alumni have shared their stories by focussing on a symbolic object — the backpack that they used to use at the College, which is the emblem of their personal and cultural background.

You can listen to all of these stories on the podcast Backpack - Storie di collegiali nel mondo (in Italian) on Radio Ca’ Foscari.