Covid-19: new measures for teaching activities valid until 6 April

Following the publication of the most recent Ministerial Decree (12/03/2021), the university is introducing the following measures which will come into force on 15 March and remain in force until 6 april:

  • classes for undergraduate and graduate courses, including PhD and professional master’s programmes, and of all other teaching activities will be delivered exclusively online

  • Department Directors will consider the possibility of allowing experiential activities to be conducted in person if such activities cannot be conducted online (e.g. laboratories).
    Online classes for degree courses will be delivered on the MOODLE platform with the videoconferencing service ZOOM (click here for further information)

  • university buildings will remain open for technical administrative activities and research activities, which will continue to be carried out in person only if they cannot cannot be carried out online (e.g. laboratories)

  • classrooms and study rooms will remain closed

  • libraries will be open as follows:
    Ca’ Cappello and Palazzo Cosulich 9-13 Monday to Friday
    Opening times for all other libraries 9-17 Monday to Friday
    Scientific Library (BAS) 9-17 Monday-Thursday; 9-13 Friday

    Services active for all students, researchers and graduands:
    borrowing and returning books, photocopying and scanning, interlibrary loans and document delivery, access to the rooms for study and consultation. To access these services, you must first book a place via the Affluence app

    For further information please refer to the University Library System webpage
    For further information about the app, please refer to:

  • in-person student desks and student services will remain closed; services will continue to be offered online

  • Experiential activities, including internships, which cannot be conducted online will be conducted in person according to the ways and timeframe that each university will establish, in compliance with the safety protocols explained in attachments 18 and 22 of the most recent Ministerial Decree (12/03/2021).

  • Graduation sessions: the final graduation session for the academic year 2019/2020 (“extraordinary session”) has now been extended to 15 June 2021 for students who, by 8 February 2021, had passed all their exams and whose only outstanding requirements were the completion of an internship and/or the satisfaction of the English language requirement

    Therefore all students who are eligible (with the exception described above) can submit their request to graduate, regardless of whether they have submitted their request by the previously established deadlines (December 2020 and January 2021)

    The new deadlines for the extraordinary session are the following:

  • online submission of request to graduate: 25 March – 6 April

  • acceptance/rejection of request by supervisor: 7 – 12 April
  • final date for registration of internship and/or satisfaction of language requirement: 30 April

  • upload of the final thesis: 5 – 18 May

  • registration of final exam / graduation session: 1 – 15 June

Accordingly, the time frame for the submission of requests to graduate in the summer graduation session are moved to 19 April (deadline 30 April).
Finally, the extraordinary graduation session already scheduled remains unmodified.
Students who have already paid the fees (first and second instalments) for the academic year 2021-2021 and who wish to graduate in this additional extraordinary graduation session will be reimbursed and are not required to pay the third instalment. 
For further information, please refer to the dedicated webpages or contact the Student Administration Unit.

These new measures will remain in place until 6 April. The university will promptly communicate any useful information regarding the possible resumption of in-person activities from 7 April, in keeping with national and regional regulation.