EUTOPIA Student Think Tank: make your voice heard

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

EUTOPIA European University, an alliance of 10 European universities which Ca’ Foscari joined in September 2021, has launched the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT), a space where students can share ideas, knowledge and research inspiration. 

EUTOPIA encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills, with a view to improving civil society. This is also the core value of EUSTT — a project that is dedicated to buidling a platform for the sharing of knowledge and the creation of new ideas that can promote social progress.

The platform is managed by a diverse group of students/researchers and it allows students from the 10 universities of the alliance to publish articles to share their research and research outcomes. 

Which topics have been treated so far? The articles published in October 2021 explore gender studies, such as the discrimination of females in healthcare (The female problem, by Chloé Kerlaud); international law, such as the case study on the West Bank (UN's Sustainable Development Goal 16 in the West Bank: A study of justice and the Israeli annexation plan, by Roger Brils Creeus); political and social science, such as the analysis of the identity of young Europeans (Do you consider yourself European?, by Cèlia Estruch Garcia); filmmaking and the socio-political denunciation of neoliberalism in Chilean films (Neoliberalism as seen by young Chilean filmmakers, by Eva-Rosa Ferrand).

According to Marie Marchand, President of the EUTOPIA Student Council, “The society we live in is more and more polluted by fake news and misinformation. Research is often misunderstood and seen as something old-fashioned. Considering that context, I think it’s essential for students to speak their mind. They have to seize the opportunity to contribute to research, to improve our world, and to make it intelligible to civil society. The EUSTT is the best place to give them a space to do so.”

By allowing students to share their research, EUSTT also aims to provide the student community with skill-training opportunities. In fact, by participating in the project, the student community contributes to a process of policy-shaping and policy-making that is likely to have a positive impact on society. Projects such as the EUSTT highlight the central role of education in everyone’s life and the importance of sharing knowledge with the entire community by making it available to everyone.

Do you think you could contribute to EUSTT by sharing an article or a research project? Then check out the EUSTT website to find all the information you are looking for. 

Joangela Ceccon