International College call for Bachelor's and Master's students


If you want to enhance the international and interdisciplinary quality of your studies, apply to Ca' Foscari International College: calls for Master's and Bachelor's Degree students are now open for applications!

Created in 2012, the College is an institution supported by a specific funding of the Italian Ministry of Education aimed at training young high-achieving students. The most deserving ones are selected and offered free housing in the beautiful island of San Servolo, in the Venetian Laguna.

Students must participate to an additional interdisciplinary programme entirely taught in English, with innovative courses, or Minors, on three current topics:  Global Asian Studies, Digital Humanities and Sustainability. They live in a lively international community, work in innovative workshops together and benefit from international internships and mobility programmes that grant them with an additional degree and with key skills for their future endeavors, especially for their occupational integration in Italy or abroad.

For the a.y. 2017/18, the International College offers 12 places: 7 full scholarships and 5 partial scholarships. Application deadline: July 10th. For the a.y. 2017/18, the International College also offers 4 Summer places for first year students enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree Programme: 3 full scholarships and 1 partial scholarship. Application deadline: July 17th. For more information, visit Ca' Foscari International College website and the Admission section.


Interview with Leaticia Ouedraogo, first year student in the Bachelor's Programme 'Languages, Civilization and the Science of Language', and with Quynh Nguyen, second year student in the Master's Programme 'International Relations'.

Where do you come from?

LO From Bergamo, but my family comes from Burkina Faso.
QN From Hanoi, in Vietnam.

What do you study at Ca' Foscari?

LO I am finishing the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree programme in Languages, Civilization and the Science of Language. After my Bachelor's Degree I would like to pursue my studies in International Relations, focusing on Africa and Europe.
QN I am finishing the Master's Degree programme in International Relations and I will write my Master's thesis in France in an international mobility period. Afterwards I would like to go back to Vietnam to work in the field of sustainability and climate change in a Non Governative Organization or to teach at university level.

How did you discover the International College?

LO By chance! A friend went to Ca’ Foscari Open Day and sent me a copy of her email to the International College. There was only a week left to apply, so I tried.
QN A friend and former colleague at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam told me about it.

What activities did you enjoy the most at the International College?

LO Besides the courses dedicated to the International College students - three Minor courses and workshops - I took part in conferences organized by the International College, the Venice International University and  within the Waterlines project at San Servolo, and I volunteered in the library for night shifts after a dedicated training. The International College is indeed a very complete option!
QN I liked the Minor on sustainability very much, as it is an argument that has interested me for years, and the team work projects which allowed us to join forces with other students, as the one on sustainable tourism in the Venetian laguna I was part of. We actually got to give life to our project outside the College!

What did you enjoy the most of this 'international' experience?

LO The College community is definitely the greatest asset of the International College. There is a fantastic atmosphere. We all care a lot about our academic career, but there is no competition. On the contrary: it is an incentive to carry on. The “oldest” students help out the youngest and provide them with advice and suggestions. Most students are Italian, but there are several people from countries from all over the world. English is the official language of the College, but we usually speak among each other in Italian or in one of the many languages spoken by the students!
QN San Servolo island is beautiful, green and very quiet. We do depend on the scheduled hours of the vaporetto, but living in such a beautiful place in the heart of Venice was a unique experience. Had I not entered the International College, I would not have had the opportunity to meet with so many different people in such a short period of time! Community life taught us so much, with dinners, talks, jokes, laughs, and the night parties after the exams. San Servolo became my second house! I will never forget these two years spent in such an incredible place.