First day for Digital Management students

Yesterday students enrolled in the new Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management offered by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice together with H-FARM have discovered the H-FARM campus where they will spend their academic year with an intense programme of courses and extracurricular activities in English. They attended their first courses with Ca’ Foscari professors Giovanni Vaia and Nicola Mazzari, Introduction to Digital Management and Mathematics for decision sciences.

Students come from Italy (including 19% students from outside Veneto region) and abroad (Iran and Turkey).

This brand new programme coordinated by Ca’ Foscari professor Anna Comacchio trains digital economy professionals with an innovative and interactive approach taught by Ca’ Foscari professors within the dynamic and technological H-FARM campus. Digital Management students will be the first young professionals to enter the labor market in highly requested category.

Ca’ Foscari rector Michele Bugliesi declared: “Digital Management is a brand new offer in the Italian education landscape which arouse great interest amongst students as shown by the many requests for enrollment from the first weeks after the programme announcement. We have created an innovative programme which associates Ca’ Foscari’s skills in computer sciences, economics and management and the dynamic innovative background of H-FARM. This establishes the ideal conditions to train students on big data, technologies and new business and development strategies that private and public bodies and institutions will need to face a present and a future that will be more and more determined by digital innovation”.

“The Bachelor’s programme is among the initiative offers of H-FARM. It aims at adding a degree programme in the landscape of innovative companies embracing the transformations the companies need”, Carlo Carraro, president of H-FARM Education, declared. “Our ambition is to prepare students to a world increasingly global and digital which changes quickly and requires new skills. The courses were designed for motivated students who want to discover a new way to take the challenge. The programme is innovative for its course offer but also for its strong link to both the business and the education perspectives, key feature of H-FARM Education”.

In Mathematics for decision sciences, a course of maths applied to computer sciences and its use in digital economy, from PageRank, the first algorithm of Google, to the concrete use of maths in the economics field, students will work in practical exercises designed for groups.

Introduction to Digital Management will teach students the evolution of digital companies and their key features in terms of strategy, organization, human resources, analyzing case studies and meeting digital economics experts and top managers of innovative national and international structures.

The academic offer will be supported by many extracurricular activities such as talks, presentations, courses on web journalism and geopolitics, weekly meetings on technologies, design and soft skills. They will begin at 8.30/9 am and finish between 4pm and 6pm depending on the day. The students will be able to add optional courses and sports to their curricular duties.