SPIN Supporting Principal INvestigators: your stairway to European Funding for Research


Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has been supporting and promoting international research and attracting the best international talents, opening new positions for researchers and professors, doubling funds for international research, being recognized as a top research institution by the Italian Ministry of education and placing as the top Italian host institutions and among the top 10 European universities for Marie Curie fellowship, just to mention a few recent outcomes.

In 2018 Ca’ Foscari will allocate EUR 1,200,000.00 for a new initiative to attract outstanding talents and enhance research: SPIN (Supporting Principal INvestigators) developed in two measures.

Measure 1 SPIN - ERC has been designed to help outstanding postdoc researchers from around the world to turn their ideas into ERC applications within 12 to 24 months.
Researchers holding or not a position at Ca’ Foscari meeting the excellence requirements to submit a project proposal under an ERC call are invited to apply in order to fund their research projects and develop them at Ca’ Foscari.
The shortlisted researchers who do not hold a position at Ca’ Foscari, will be engaged on a short-term contract as Research Grant Holder with a monthly net salary of EUR 2,400 and up to additional EUR 120,000 for purchase of scientific equipment.

Measure 2 SPIN - Standard projects International Level is limited to applicants holding a research or professor position at Ca’ Foscari who want to submit a project to strengthen their project management capacities.

Applications can be submitted in all scientific fields represented at Ca’ Foscari.

The applications will be evaluated by a Committee appointed by the Rector and by external referees taking into account the project’s scientific excellence and the researcher’s profile.
Candidates who do not hold a position at Ca’ Foscari will have to pass positively an interview focused on the impact and sustainability of the proposal as well.

Deadline: May 2nd 2018
Apply online

For more information, contact spin@unive.it.