Buddhist Art of Dunhuang: from 22nd February at Ca’ Foscari

In the Ca Foscari Exhibition Space and for the first time in Italy, it will be possible to “explore” the magnificent cave complex of Dunhuang, located in the Western Chinese province of Gansu, between the plateau of Tibet, Magnolia and the Gobi desert. The exhibition The Jewel of the Silk Road: Buddhist Art of Dunhuang will take place from 22nd February until 8th April in collaboration with the Dunhuang  Research Academy and the Dunhuang Culture Promotion Foundation.

The value of the art of the Mogao caves will be revived in Venice thanks to the collaboration between Ca’ Foscari University and these two prestigious institutions with the objective of presenting a different culture of the Silk Road to the Italian public and to educate the public about traditional Chinese art.

Through the frescoes, the reproduced works and the representations of the caves, we aim to present the past and present of Dunhuang from various points of view such as history, geography, arts and crafts, religion, economy, science and literature. The exhibition intends on presenting the millenarian culture of Dunhuang accumulated over the passage of time through the suggestion of the reproduction of the places that will be, so to speak, “visited at a distance”.

The exhibition The Jewel of the Silk Road: Dunhuang Buddhist Art will be inaugurated on Wednesday 21st February at 2.30pm (Entry by invitation).

More information:  opening.dunhuang@unive.it