HMUN 2018. Ca’ Foscari the only delegation from Italy

20 Ca’ Foscari students participated in the Harvard Model United Nations, the most important ‘UN Simulation’ in the world, carried out by and for university students, held in Boston between 15th and 18th February 2018. Two delegations from 10 students: an improvement from last year, when only one Ca’ Foscari student was present.

Ca’ Foscari was the only Italian delegation present at the UN simulation.

During the sessions, each student plays the role of delegate of a member country of the United Nations and must represent the positions of his country, confront the other members, and propose “resolutions” for the most current world problems.

The Ca’ Foscari delegations, supported by a scholarship from our University, represented Sweden and Cuba, supported by Professor Sara De Vido as a Faculty Advisor. Before departure, the students took a short training course, coordinated by the Careers Service and Foreign Internship Sector, in which experts participated, including professor Geraldine Ludbrook and some members of the Venice Diplomatic Society.

The countries assigned and the issues addressed have allowed our students to deal with extremely topical issues. To put themselves in the shoes of such different countries from Italy, not only from a cultural point of view, but also an economic and social point of view has made it an enriching experience.
During the stay the students were welcomed by the Italian General Consulate of Boston, whose expertise on the educational activities explained the functions of a consulate to them.

We met the Ca’ Foscari delegates who gave us a series of considerations, through which the formative and international value of the event emerged, involving 3,000 students from all over the world.

“The Harvard Model United Nations 2018 presented us all with a unique opportunity in several respects: we could see with our own eyes how foreign university students approach issues of international relevance and above all how they deal with the debate. We were put to the test to represent two very different countries from ours, whilst always keeping our position clear within each committee. We spoke during the sessions to assert our position and we have been able to give a personal account of the level of professionalism and experience in the MUN field on one hand, and competition on the other, from various delegates that we worked with.
That said, the experience at the HMUN 2018 was more than rewarding, as we had the opportunity not only to meet exceptional students from all over the world, but also to get to know and talk to effective UN members who we would have not have approached otherwise.

We therefore thank Ca’ Foscari for the opportunity and invited other students to adequately prepare and to grab this opportunity by the horns when it returns next year.”

CUBA DELEGATION: Bassan Laura, Bernasconi Martina, D’Onghia Valeria, Ferraretto Silvia, Llapushi Makeliada, Lunardelli Giorgia, Simoncini Anna, Testa Sara, Tronca Elisa, Viale Marta.

“The selection of Cuba gave us all the opportunity to challenge ourselves by doing a totally different country from ours, and the proof shows from our performance. From the beginning we all realised that the scene was predominantly dominated by the very experienced and practical delegates of American and Latin American Universities of the rules and procedures of the MUNs, but this did not stop us from advancing our position and taking the stage. In fact, since the first session, we managed to pass a motion within our own committees. Preceding with the work and the sessions, we actively participated in the drafting of working papers, draft resolutions and finally the amendments supported by the countries with which the coalitions had been held in the previous sessions. The overall balance is certainly positive because for many of us, it was the first experience of a MUN simulation and in particular it represented a good opportunity to compare ourselves with other students on international issues of absolute importance.”

SWEDISH DELEGATION: Castoldi Emanuele, Caushaj Kristina, Dal Monico Sara, Foresti Simone, Pirri Melissa, Maschio Matteo, Sanelli Leonardo, Schena Filippo, Triangeli Thomas, Vignolo Palincas Antonia Iuliana.

“Representing Sweden on the Committee proved to be a stimulating and engaging experience, and participating in this simulation gave us the opportunity to test our skills in public speaking and knowledge of international and European Law, economics, micro-language, etc.
The sessions allowed us to test our level of skill, equating it with that of the other participants, which was internationally advanced. If we did multiple meetings, from a content point of view, our technical and specific knowledge proved to be at the same level, if not superior to those of the other delegates. This is certainly the most satisfying lesson that the HNMUN has taught us”.