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Discover the Foundation Programmes at the School for International Education

Would you like to attend an Italian University? Then don’t miss our Foundation Programmes for International students! Here at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, you’ll have the chance to get a solid background in different disciplines, with a thematic study path of your choice and a language course, all before enrolling in any undergraduate course in Italy.
Find out which programme suits your needs!

The School for International Education offers three year-long “Foundation programmes”, aimed at providing the students with a solid preparation before they start attending courses at an Italian University. Each programme, specifically designed for international students, offers a thematic study path combined with a language component.

The first programme is the Foundation Year, conceived to strengthen the academic background of international students who are willing to enroll in undergraduate courses, held in English, at an Italian University. The Foundation Year is particularly intended for people who studied in the American or British school system (therefore lacking the exams required to enroll at an Italian university) and for those who have less than 12 full years of schooling at the end of high school. The programme offers English courses, an introduction to Italian and general European history, as well as a basic introduction to the main disciplines of future study.
Applications to the Foundation Year for 2019/2020 are now open! The deadline is June 28th, 2019. Students requiring a visa are strongly advised to apply early.

While the language component of the Foundation Year is more English-oriented, the Bridge Year is particularly suited for those who are willing to acquire a solid knowledge of the Italian language. This second Programme also offers international students the opportunity to take additional preparatory courses for the disciplines they are planning to study at Ca’ Foscari or at any other higher education institution.
Those who wish to apply to the Bridge Year for 2019/2020, will have a chance to do so in early 2019. Stay updated on the Bridge Year by visiting the dedicated page.

For more information on the programmes, fees and applications, visit the School for International Education page.

Francesca Favaro