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Professor Silvia Burini wins award for promoting Russian culture

On November 9th, Professor Silvia Burini, director of the CSAR - Centre for Studies on Russian Art, received an award for her activity in promoting  Russian culture abroad, during the “Russian Rome” (La Roma Russa) Festival, which took place in Rome.

She was chosen as recipient for the prize thanks to “her role in spreading the culture of Russian art in the West. Curator of several exhibitions dedicated to Russian art and coordinator of initiatives which introduce the general public to Russian cinema. Expert and author of publications on Slavic and Russian art and on the semiotics of culture.”

The prize had previously been awarded to Vittorio Strada and Carlo Feltrinelli.

This  edition of the “Russian Rome” Festival lasted from November 7th to 9th. The closing event took place at  Palazzo Poli in Rome, with the traditional award ceremony celebrating all those authors, artists, directors, musicians and public figures, from all over the world, who promote Russian culture abroad.
This recently established initiative takes inspiration from the great tradition of the Russian salons in Rome, which Princess Zinaida Volkonskaya used to host back in the 1800’s, right inside Palazzo Poli.
This year the “Russian Rome” Festival was included in the official program of the “Russian Seasons”– a national project which involves more than 70 Italian cities, with the purpose of showcasing Russian culture in Italy.

Silvia Burini, professor of Art History and Russian Culture, has curated numerous exhibitions on contemporary Russian art and organized  various movie festivals on Russian cinema, like the traditional “Ruskino”, which has just concluded at Ca’ Foscari. She is honorary member of the Russian Art Academy , member of the scientific committee at Cyberfest (International Cyber Art Festival - Saint Petersburg) and also part of Shera, the Society of East European, Eurasian and Russian Art and Architecture.

Francesca Favaro