Open job position for two ‘Research Facilitators’ at Ca’ Foscari

Applications will close on January 17th, 2019 for the two 'Tecnologo' job positions offered by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice Research Area, as part of the “Research for Global Challenges” project. The role will be that of 'Research Facilitator', supporting interdisciplinary research groups in in the development of project proposals to be submitted under competitive calls and in the search for funding and partnerships. 

Issues affecting humans and the environment are long-term complex targets that cannot be dealt  with from only one perspective. That is why Ca’ Foscari University decided to further promote its scientific excellence through the initiative ‘Research for global challenges’ where they contribute with their own expertise, working together to solve large-scale challenging issues. Research Teams will then submit their projects to local, national, European and international competitive calls

Research Teams focus on the following 6 research fields:

  • Science of complex economic, human and natural systems
  • Cross cultural and area studies
  • Public governance, welfare and social innovation
  • Creative arts, cultural heritage and digital humanities
  • Environmental technology and green economy,
  • Economics and management of innovation, and entrepreneurship

Each facilitator will be assigned to 2 of the above Research Teams, working closely with the other facilitators.

For more information on the position and/or to apply, click here 

Francesca Favaro