Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019, Ca' Foscari focuses on 'stolen childhoods'

On the next Holocaust Remembrance Day, the activities organized by Ca’ Foscari will focus on the children who experienced the Shoah, in connection with the UN Convention on the Right of the Child, which will turn 30 in 2019.
The main event for the occasion will be the “Shoah - Stolen Childhood” exhibition, an initiative of the delegate to the Holocaust Remembrance Day, professor Sara De Vido. The exhibition, located inside CFZ – Ca’ Foscari Zattere, will be inaugurated on January 10th, at 10 a.m., with the participation of the musical section of the Dante Alighieri School and the harp class from the Musical High-School Marco Polo.

The display, realized by the “Sons of the Shoah” association, will retrace the path to the denial of fundamental rights for Jewish children during the years of the Nazi-fascist persecution, like the right to play, to dignity, to health, to identity, to education, to freedom and, last but certainly not least, to life. The exposition shines a light on the harsh conditions and terrible constrictions to which Jewish children and teen were submitted during those years.
What contrasts this horror is the figure of Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak, the inspiration behind the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, who fought until his last breath to alleviate the suffering of the children in his orphanage, located in the Warsaw Ghetto. 

In the months leading up to the exhibition, 28 Ca’ Foscari students have worked to the initiative by organizing seminars, doing research and readings on the topic and carrying out a communication campaign. In January, they will be present as guides to the exhibit. 

Correlated events:

(In Italian) Tuesday January 15th, 2 p.m., Tesa 1 CFZ “Childhood and Shoah” Seminar, with the participation of Matteo Corradini, Sara Valentina Di Palma and Bruno Maida. Reading of excerpts from 1938. Storia, racconto, memoria, curated by Simon Levis Sullam (Giuntina 2018)

(In Italian) Friday January 25th, 2 p.m., Tesa 1 CFZ – Being a Jewish Child and Teen in Venice during Racial Laws. Dialogue with Maria Teresa Sega.

Monday February 4th, 2.30 p.m., Aula Magna Lunedì 4 febbraio, ore 14.30, Aula Magna Silvio Trentin Ca’ Dolfin - Memoria, diritto e diritti / Memory, law and rights. International conference with lecture by former European Court of Human Rights President Jean-Paul Costa