Global Challenges, Ca' Foscari welcomes other 15 "Marie Curie" fellowships


Ca’ Foscari is the only research institution in Italy to be selected for the “Marie Skłodowska-Curie - COFUND” project.
This prestigious award will grant Ca’ Foscari  a 1,1 million co-fund to help the university in hiring 15 expert researchers from all over the world.

The very name of the initiative - ‘Global@Venice’ - highlights the global scope of the challenges that the scholars will tackle.
Besides the European funds, the project can count on a substantial investment from the university, for a grand total of 2.3 million euros in the course of 5 years.

During the next five years, Ca’ Foscari will launch two international recruitment calls to select 15 brilliant researchers. Each of them will work for two years on the research areas of the six multidisciplinary institutes established as part of the “Research for Global Challenges” initiative: complexity, digital and cultural heritage, social innovation, international studies, green and blue growth, innovation management.

The new fellows will be given the chance to grow professionally, also thanks to the cooperation agreements among the university’s own research centers and 28 other strategic partners, such as spin-off companies, SMEs and and big businesses.
Ca’ Foscari will be the only institution to offer such a unique opportunity to learn, do research and further develop a successful scientific career.

After the 23 Marie Curie Individual Fellowships awarded to Ca’ Foscari just a few weeks ago, these 15 COFUND grants have taken the total number of individual fellowships to 38, securing a total of 6.3 million euros in European funds to invest in the next years.

The Ca’ Foscari community of “Marie Curie” recipients is about to pass the 100 members mark, each year attracting more and more talents from all over the world - a clear sign of the quality of our research.
Find out more about our current fellows and the alumni on the dedicated page.