Covid-19 updates: new decree of the President of the Council of Ministers

As previously mentioned, yesterday the President of the Council of Ministers (DPCM) issued a new decree[ITA], which will go into effect starting on Friday, November 6th. The decree contains new measures to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2; for the first time, Italian regions have been color coded according to the severity of the contagion in the area (yellow, orange and red areas).

Furthermore, The Academic Senate, abiding by the directions of the Regional University Committee (CORECO), has discussed the ways to implement the Ministerial Decree on University activities in our Institution:

The newly introduced measures are thus the following:

TEACHING ACTIVITIES (classes, exams and graduation sessions)

  • Teaching activities (lessons, language exercise classes, exams and graduation sessions) will take place only remotely for all students except those in the first year of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, maintaining the same time schedule.
  • Dual mode will still be available for lessons and language exercise classes aimed at Bachelor’s and Master’s first-year students, maintaining the same time schedule and location. 

It will only be possible to book a place in class for the courses that are going to be conducted in-person.

All laboratory activities and related internships (for students of every level) will continue in-person, always guaranteeing the safety measures already in place.
Curricular and extracurricular internships will carry on as per agreed with the hosting institution/company.


Professors and language instructors will hold their office hours exclusively online

Libraries will remain open to Ca’ Foscari’s professors and students, for research and study activities and employing the usual booking system. External visitors won’t be allowed in.

Services aimed at students will carry on as usual, but with the added recommendation of opting for online services.


PhD programmes will continue according to the indications provided by each didactic board; Professional Master’s courses and Postgraduate activities will be carried out only remotely.

All meetings, including those of the academic bodies, as well as seminars, conferences and cultural, theater and musical events will be held remotely.

Concerning the Administrative Staff, no changes have been made to the regulations already put in place by the Circular of the Head of Administration issued on October 10th and by the Decree of the Ministry of Public Administration issued on October 19th.

All the aforementioned measures will go into effect starting from tomorrow, Friday, November 6th, and will remain valid until further notice.
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