The Eye of the Machine

Simone Arcagni

University of Palermo

26 January 2018, 2:00pm


In the very beginning of the '80 Paul Virilio published a book titled The Machine Vision. According to the French philosopher we need a field of research that study the deep meaning of the computers that see, because the vision of the computers is completely different and it represents a change of paradygm in what we means when we speak about seeing.

In the same years David Marr published the book Vision that is considered the beginning of the Computer Vision.

As several scholars of the philosophy of information and visual culture ask, we need to understand what are the characteristics that define the computational eye. What is the logic of this "period eye".


Simone Arcagni is Associate Professor at the University of Palermo. Cinema, video, media and new technologies scholar and critic. He collaborates with "Nòva - Il Sole 24Ore”, "Film TV", “Oxygen”, "Technonews”, “Agorà”, “Segnocinema” and other scientific and scientific reporting reviews . He hold a blog called Postcinema on the journalistic site «Il Sole 24Ore». He is the curator of Digita! the international market for digital content, and the director of “EmergingSeries Journal”. Collaborator, reviewer and scientific committee of various international conferences, festivals, reviews and book series. He wrote and edited various books including: Visioni digitali. Video, web e nuove tecnologie (Einaudi), I media digitali e l’interazione uomo-macchina (ed. by; Aracne) Screen City (Bulzoni), Music Video (with Alessandro Amaducci) (Kaplan); Oltre il cinema. Metropoli e media (Kaplan). In september it will be pulished his new book: The Eye of the Machine (Einaudi).

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