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Masters of Networks 2

9-10 April 2014

Impact HUB Rome

Masters of Networks 2 takes place in Rome, at Impact HUB Roma, on April 9th and 10th 2014. Think of it as an interdisciplinary hackathon around network science, with policy makers to ask relevant question, network scientists to help model it, data scientists to crunch the data and policy makers again to interpret the results. We will be working on two issues, in parallel:

  • one group will be looking at the network of conversation of an online community called Edgeryders. The idea is test if the notion of network entanglement (recently proposed by a MoN1 protagonist, Benjamin Renoust) can be used to detect emerging specialization in an online conversation. If so, it would be extremely useful for people interested in collective intelligence; all other things being equal, specialization allows online conversations to scale without becoming overwhelming, and online communities to tackle more problems in parallel.
  • the other group will be looking at some subset of the OpenCoesione dataset (massive: it maps 700,000 projects funded by cohesion funds), looking for regularities much in the same way of the exercise run on World Bank contractors and mentioned above.

Programme: full programme and follow-up discussion at