Tiberio Caetano

Gradient Institute: the Science and Practice of Ethical AI

Tiberio Caetano

Chief Scientist of Gradient Institute and Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales

09 October 2019, 16:00

Ca' Bottacin, first floor


Algorithms are deciding who gets insurance, who gets a loan, and who gets a job. Parole and sentencing risk scores, social media feeds, web search results, traffic routes, advertising, job recruitment and online dating recommendations are all consequential decisions that are already algorithmically personalised today. How can we ensure such decisions are made ethically? In this talk I'll introduce Gradient Institute, a new research institute based in Australia built to tackle this question. Gradient Institute is an independent not-for-profit entity enabled by the joint vision and support from academia, industry and government. It focuses on research, education, practice, policy and public understanding of ethical AI. You can find more about Gradient Institute here.

Bio sketch

Dr Tiberio Caetano is the Chief Scientist of Gradient Institute and an Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales. He has been working in machine learning for 20 years as a practitioner, researcher, and entrepreneur. He has published extensively at the top academic venues in machine learning and graduated numerous PhD students. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Ambiata, a machine learning company later acquired by Australia’s largest general insurer, IAG. Over the past few years he has turned his attention to the problem of ensuring that automated decisions are made ethically.