AI4EU workshop "Trustworthy AI made in Europe: From principles to practices"

13 November 2020

This is an online workshop organized by the AI4EU Observatory for Society and AI

Organizers: Atia Cortés (BSC), Teresa Scantamburlo (UVE), Francesca Foffano (UVE)

Objective of the workshop: To bring together people from academia and industry with backgrounds in AI, ethics, law and philosophy to discuss the current state of the art of methodologies used to evaluate the trustworthiness of AI systems made in Europe. We are inviting experts from different areas to discuss the needs to progress towards responsible AI and to map the next steps that need to be taken to put in practice the ethical requirements.

Introduction: In 2018, the European Commission (EC) introduced its strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work with all Member States on a coordinated plan to foster synergies across the European Union and identify common priorities to address the societal challenges with AI solutions, while taking into account the ethical implications. This effort builds upon an ambitious goal: “to become the world-leading region for developing and deploying cutting-edge, ethical and secure AI, promoting a human-centric approach in the global context”. In these regards, the EC has made important steps. First, it tasked a group of independent experts, the High-Level Expert Group on AI, to set up an ethical AI framework to define the ethical requirements for a trustworthy and human-centric AI along with an assessment checklist to operationalise it. More recently, the EC put forward a proposal to regulate high-risk AI applications (the White Paper on AI).

This workshop aims to discuss the ethical, legal and technical requirements needed to move towards this European vision of AI.

Background documents:

Ethical guidelines for Trustworthy AI

Assessment List for Trustworthy AI

White Paper on AI


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