Emergence by Design

Project Title: MD - Emergence by Design

Start Date-End Date: 01/11/2011-30/10/2014

ECLT project leader: prof. David Avra Lane

Funding Scheme: Collaborative project - FET-Open ICT-2011.9.1


The main objectives of MD are to develop the foundations of a theory of innovation processes that concatenates design and emergence and to explore some of the implications of such a theory with respect to two important practical problems: how to structure processes for making and monitoring innovation policy; and how to design ICT that enhances the generative potential of networks of innovators. The key breakthroughs required to achieve these objectives include the formulation of new concepts of emergence appropriate for processes of social change and a new approach to model pragmatics that focuses on the role of models for constructing narratives that can motivate effective coordinated action. Theory development will proceed by means of a dialogue between historical case studies and experiments with agent‐based models that exhibit various types of emergent phenomena. The policy problems will require the development of new approaches to monitoring innovation cascades, in particular to identify new patterns of social interaction and new attributions of functionality and to evaluate the generative potential of on‐going relationships among innovating agents.


  • Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, ECLT - coordinating institution
  • Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB (SE)
  • Tech4i2 Limited (UK)
  • Stichting The Hub (NL)
  • Stichting Nederland Kennisland (NL)
  • Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (FR)
  • Factlink BV (UK)
  • Euclid Network (UK)
  • Uniwersytet Warszawski (PL)

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