Sustainability Commitments Charter

The University has adopted a Sustainability Commitments Charter in which it defines objectives aimed at minimising its impact upon the environment and upon natural resources, increasing social cohesion and reducing inequalities within the university, while favouring the cultural development and sustainable economic growth of the local area.
It was first approved by the Board of Governors on 8 July 2010 and is defined in the University Statute in articles 3 and 53.

The Sustainability Commitments Charter is the document by which Ca' Foscari implements the Sustainability Policy and since 2015 it is integrated with the other planning and evaluation documents used by the University to account to stakeholders for its actions.

All objectives of the University - including the sustainability ones - are gathered in the Performance plan, which has a horizon of implementation of three years, in line with the three-year university program and with the strategic plan. Annually the results are reported, any critical are checked and the commitments are reformulated for the next three years. The work is coordinated by the Planning and Evaluation Service, and it is based on the proposals and the feedback received from the managers of the organization.

Sustainability Commitments for 2016

Sustainability commitments for 2016 are presented in the University Performance Plan; the objectives are detailed in the annexes to the plan, where they are grouped by field: organization, transparency, anti-corruption and sustainability.


To consult the complete list of the past Sustainability Commitments Charter please refer to the following link [ITA].

Last update: 13/12/2018