Events and News

Archaeologists from Space in Villorba

Training for future Space Archaeologists in progress today

Archaeologists from Space in Postioma

Archaeologists from Space initiative today at Postioma (Treviso)

'Archaeologists from Space' is back!

Training in Remote sensing archaeology for primary and secondary schools starts again



UnVEiLing the story of ancient objects

Fieldwork activities still in progress with the analysis of the recovered artefacts

Canals and their Infrastructures

Yet another potential archaeological site within the Roman cadastre along the main Aquileian waterway

Suburban settlements and centurial system

VEiL's members identify new potential archaeo-sites south of Aquileia

Going paperless: survey and born digital data collection

VEiL starts to trial ubiquitous data collectors: personal cell phones!

VEiL in the (centuriated) field

VEiL fieldwork activities in full swing at Aquileia

Centuriated landscapes and historical maps: VEiL in the archives

VEiL project's team members at work in the archives of the Museum of Aquileia to dig out old maps