Events and News

Centuriated fields and archaeological visibility: ground truthing VEiL

VEiL feldwork in Aquileia (Italy) starting soon

New generations of RS archaeologists formed by VEiL

VEiL project back to school to inspire new generations of RS archaeologists

Many ways to look for a centuriation: RS images, computer vision and mathematics

Prof. John Peterson (UEA) in Venice as Visiting scholar of the VEiL Project

VEiL training future Remote sensing experts

MC Ambassador activities at Primary School SM Goretti (Mestre)

VEiL MC Fellow as co-Editor of International OA Journal

The Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology launched by VEiL MC Fellow

VEiL and the Open Access (OA) agenda: discussion at CAA2017

Publishing digital archaeology OA: the future ahead

VEiL and the Automation agenda at CAA2017

Pushing the envelop in Archaeological RS Automation

VEiL at IKUWA6 (Australia)

VEiL project's progresses presented in Australia at IKUWA6


VEiL members map project datasets to CIDOC CRM