Claes Andersson

Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology


Research Themes

Cultural and societal evolution and innovation; sociotechnical transitions; complex adaptive systems.

Short Bio

I work to develop new ways of understanding the evolution of cultural and societal systems, and in particular the emergence of innovation and the aspects of societal organization that is critical for innovation. We see innovation as usefully describable on the abstract level of “innovation in complex adaptive systems”. In other words, for all differences, there are features of innovation and the systems that innovation systems generate that appear to have high generality across e.g. animal culture, early hominin culture, modern culture and biological organic evolution.
My interest in these issues derive from my personal history, which began in a strong combined interest in computer science and evolutionary biology. If you mix these two components you easily get an interest in complex systems, which opens up more general avenues along which interest can be developed. After spending two years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute (working with Steen Rasmussen), I completed my Ph. D in complex systems in 2005 at Chalmers University of Technology (supervised by Kristian Lindgren) with a dissertation titled “Urban Evolution” – a topic that I still maintain an interest and activities in. I then joined David Lane for a Post Doc at the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, and at the ECLT as it initially took shape in 2006. Finally I went back to Chalmers University of Technology, eventually for an Assistant Professorship and habilitation, and since recently, a position as Senior Researcher.


Last update: 25/02/2021