John McCaskill

Professor (Theoretical Biochemistry), Multidisciplinary Research Consultant and pioneer of Electronic Chemical Cells.

Research Themes

Electronic chemical microsystems to investigate self-organization and evolution leading to artificial life, embracing the three rapidly expanding technologies of Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Nanotechnology (NT). This involves multidisciplinary basic research in both theory and experiment.

Short Bio

John McCaskill is Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry (D.Phil. Oxford, 1982 in Theoretical Chemistry) with 30 years experience in evolutionary biotechnology and molecular information processing. He was awarded a Max-Planck travelling scholarship, QEII fellowship, and later the Fritz Haber Prize for his work with Nobel Prize winner Manfred Eigen on the foundations of evolutionary biotechnology. In 1992 he was appointed full professor at the FSU Jena, setting up Biomolecular Information Processing at the GMD in Sankt Augustin in 1999. He has managed teams of researchers in this area since 1987, first at a Max-Planck Institute and then since 1992 in affiliation with, Leibniz, Helmholtz, Fraunhofer Institutes and universities. From 2004-2017 he was a visiting professor at the Ruhr Universität Bochum and head of the Microsystems Chemistry and BioIT Research Lab. He has extensive experience in coordinating large projects with science and industry, including the coordination of the EU-FP6 integrated project Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution (PACE), the FP7 projects Electronically Programmable Chemical Cells (ECCell) and Microscale Chemically Reactive Electronic Agents (MICREAgents). In 2018 he served as a multidisciplinary consultant for Sydney University, preparing a Roadmap on Nanorobotic Surgery. He was cofounder of Protostream GmbH and a founding director of the European Centre for Living Technology, and is now on the Science Board. With over 100 publications including several patents, the main thrust of his work is now in laying the technical foundation for autonomous information processing and construction in programmable chemical systems, which will form the basis of future sustainable personal living technology.


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