Debora Slanzi

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Management, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Research Themes

Evolutionary Statistics and Data Mining. Focus areas: Probabilistic Graphical models, Bayesian Data Analysis, Statistical Modelling, Evolutionary Experimental Design, High Dimensional Analysis.

Short Bio

Debora Slanzi is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Management. Graduated in 2002 in Statistics at the University of Padova, in 2006 she has got the PhD in Statistics at the University of Padova. She was a visiting PhD student at the Department of Computer Science of the Aalborg University (UK) and at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science of the University of Kent (UK). She is a member of the Italian Statistical Society. Her main research interests regard Bayesian Statistics and Probability Theory as tools for the analysis of uncertainty in complex and multidimensional systems, multivariate statistical analysis and patterns of dependence by means of graphical models including ease of comprehension, of expert opinion's elicitation and of comparing probabilities. Recent research projects are devoted to design of experiments in genomics and molecular biology, machine learning and data mining especially in classification problems and feature selection in high dimensional systems. She contributed to several research projects at ECLT, such as COBRA, PROTUMA and BLOOM. 


Last update: 13/04/2021