Teresa Scantamburlo

Post Doctoral Researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Research Themes

Her main research interests lay at the intersection of Computer Science and Philosophy and include the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on human-decision making, the role of data and algorithms in social regulation, and the ethical assessment of AI systems. She is also interested in studying AI from the point of view of epistemology and the philosophy of science (e.g. some topics of interest include the problem of induction, the problem-solving approach and the notion of progress).

Short Bio

Teresa Scantamburlo is a post-doctoral researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT), Ca' Foscari University, and worked as research associate at the University of Bristol (UK). She got a master degree in Digital Humanities and a PhD in Computer Science from Ca' Foscari University. Currently she is involved in the AI4EU project, an EU funded project that aims at creating an European AI ecosystem. In particular, she is contributing to the creation and curation of the AI4EU Observatory and the coordination of a working group on on ethical and legal AI.


Last update: 04/03/2021