Bernd Mayer

Co-founder and Managing Partner of emergentec biodevelopment

Research Themes

Object automata, graphs, category theory, narratives; Dynamical hierarchies & emergence in natural systems and technical design analogs

Short Bio

I received a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Vienna in 1995, and the venia docendi in Structural Biology in 2004 associated with the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna. After PostDoc positions in Vienna, Bologna and Los Alamos exploring foundations of molecular self- assembly I co-founded Vienna-based emergentec biodevelopment in 2002. We drive algorithmic biotechnology in health R&D, establishing big data integration and analytics platforms. With insights into constructional principles of emergence in molecular systems our focus expanded to utilization of emergence in technical designs, products and solutions. Next to extensive scientific dissemination covering fundamentals and application of Computational Biology I have been involved in a number of large scale collaborative R&D initiatives, and serve on the advisory board of SMEs and translational R&D consortia.


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Last update: 25/02/2021