Antonio Camurri

Full professor at DIBRIS, Polytechnic School, University of Genoa

Short Bio

PhD in Computer Engineering. Scientific director of Casa Paganini - InfoMus Research
Centre of University of Genoa, former member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE CS
Tech. Committee on Computer Generated Music. He is member of the editorial board of the
Journal of New Music Research, of Plos One journal, and member of the ESF College of
Expert Reviewers. Author of over 150 scientific publications in international scientific
journals and conferences. Coordinator of European funded projects in FP5 (IST MEGA), FP7
(ICT SAME, ICT FET SIEMPRE) and Horizon 2020 (DANCE -;
FET PROACTIVE EnTimeMent, Principal Investigator in
over 20 EU-funded projects and in contracts with industry and cultural institutions, (co)owner
of software patents. Co-director of the Joint Research Laboratory ARIEL (Augmented
Rehabilitation Lab) with Giannina Gaslini Children Hospital.

Research Themes

As art influences science and technology, science and technology can in turn inspire art:
recognizing this mutually beneficial relationship, his research interests combine scientific
research in human-computer interaction with artistic and humanistic research, and includes
non-verbal multimodal interactive systems; computational models of non-verbal full-body
expressive gesture, emotion, and social signals; interactive multimodal systems for
performing arts, for active experience of cultural content, for health, therapy and


Last update: 04/03/2021