Arno Lukas

Co-founder and Managing Partner of emergentec biodevelopment

Short Bio

Arno Lukas obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Vienna, followed by developing concepts for inducing emergent properties in organic materials at the Chemical Science & Technology Division / Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA), the Experimental Biophysics group at Humboldt University Berlin (Germany), the Photophysics group at FRAE-CNR, Bologna (Italy) and the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna (Austria). In 2002 he co-founded emergentec biodevelopment GmbH (Vienna) to translate theoretical concepts of higher order function into software applications for biomedical R&D. In the meantime the company is utilizing complex system analytics in technical designs, products and solutions based on computer science and mathematics. Arno has been responsible for research projects supported by a variety of funding bodies including EU-FP7 and Horizon 2020 RIA projects. Next to applied R&D Arno has started collaborating with artists and is involved in transdisciplinary art-science initiatives. This has been driven by interest in exploring the potential of representing and modulating higher order properties of simulated and real dynamical systems utilizing artistic means.

Research Themes

Automata, categorical constructions, dynamical hierarchies & emergence, image theory, visual arts


Last update: 04/03/2021