Michele Braccini

Post Doctoral Researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Short Bio

Michele Braccini is a postdoctoral researcher at ECLT.

In 2016, he received his Master's Degree cum laude in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Bologna. In 2020, he got the PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the same university.

His PhD thesis, titled “Towards a network-based Boolean computational model for cell differentiation and its applications to robotics”, was selected among the 6 finalists of the “Lions Award for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2020”, named after Claudio Bonivento, and received an honourable mention.

During his PhD he was a visiting researcher at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), Seattle, United States Of America.

Research Theme

Currently Michele Braccini's research activities are related to the development of a decision support system to optimise individualised treatment strategies in the context of precise medicine.

During his PhD his research focused on the study of the biological cell differentiation process by means of formulation and refinement of computational models based on Boolean networks.

Furthermore, his research interests have focused on bio-inspired robotics, with the twofold purpose of developing new mechanisms to bring out complex behaviours in robots and at the same time studying their underlying generic properties.

Personalised and precise medicine; Optimal dynamic treatment regimes; Complex systems biology; Boolean networks; Cell Differentiation; Bio-inspired robotics.


Last update: 13/04/2021