VEiL in the (centuriated) field

VEiL fieldwork activities in full swing at Aquileia

Fieldwork activities related the VEiL project are currently in progress. Field archaeologist involved in the research have started to survey the suburban landscapes of ancient Aquileia and are now collecting information on the surviving of the centurial system on current landscapes. Relicts of anciently designed roads, channels, field divisions are being investigated and related to the information extracted in the past months using processing of Remote sensing imagery.

Today search has concentrated in the area south of Aquileia, known as Beligna (from the name of the Roman god Belenus), nearby the potential intersection of the ancient Julia Augusta road (running NW-SE through the city of Aquileia) and a secondary road coming from North East. The survey has served as a test and fine tuning of the data collection app the project is trialing. A post specifically on that will be released in the next days. The area will be further investigated during the week.