Going paperless: survey and born digital data collection

VEiL starts to trial ubiquitous data collectors: personal cell phones!

VEiL team's members have started today the trialing of web form technology and online tools to customise data collection workflows. The project selected Kobo Toolbox as the mobile survey software suite capable of creating versatile XLSForms with an easy to learn user interface. The intuitive application allows even inexperienced users to easily create survey forms that match the way they work, and quickly and reliably collect their survey data on any device, online or offline. The forms are easily downloaded to the personal devices (such as regular cell phones) using  the Android app Kobo Collect, based on OpenDataKit technology that has close to 10 years of development. Once the form templates are downloaded, users can simply start a new form collection: data are stored in the device until uploaded to the server. For the VEiL project's needs, a number of templates forms have been tested according to the different types of information that was being collected. Having to work in areas where connectivity is not always available, Kobo Collect suits the project's needs in that data is stored on the device until uploaded when connectivity is regained.