Suburban settlements and centurial system

VEiL's members identify new potential archaeo-sites south of Aquileia

Research in the area South of Aquileia (Beligna and Alt di Beligna) is continuing and focusing on the area West of the so-called Julia Augusta, the Roman road that runs from Aquileia to the Noricum and crosses N-S the city of Aquileia before ending up in modern Grado (Aquae Gradatae), which is considered to be the Cardo maximus of the Aquileian centuriation. The most northern section of this area was known for being the location of a large suburban public market and a public bath in Roman times. Information relative to the section South of these two buildings are scarce and sketchy.

Fieldwork being conducted there in these days is showing signs of ancient occupation, marked by surface spread of artefacts that are visible also below surface in the sections of the drainage channels bordering the fields on which they have been identified. Due to the stage of crop growth, with plants already sprouted, it will not be possible to undertake systematic fieldwalking survey on these fields at this stage and investigations here have been postponed to a later date. The artefact spreads are set on both sides of what has been identified as a possible internal subdivisions (limites) within the first centuria West of the main Cardo