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Coordinator: Prof. Enrico Palandri
Department DSUSimonetta Gardin
International Office

From the academic year 2017/2018, students will have access to an incredible opportunity of international education. The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Department of Humanities (DSU) has signed an agreement with University College London, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, to offer a double degree in Humanities and Italian Studies / Italian and History of Art. The double title from Ca’ Foscari and UCL will be awarded to students at the end of a four year course - in line with the British university system.

After enrolling, carried out at UCL by the end of January, students will spend the first two years studying at Ca’ Foscari in Venice. After this, the students will go to London to complete their last two years at UCL and then graduate with a double degree:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Humanities (L-5) at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • Italian Studies / Italian and History of Art at UCL

Entry Requirements and Admission

Ten students from around the world will be recruited. These students will be required to know both Italian and English and to have an adequate profile of studies.

All registration will be administered through - this website deals with all British university enrollment administration.


Students will be required to comply with fees and procedures specific to the Ca’ Foscari University for their first and second year and those specific to UCL for third and fourth year.

Study plan

There are two study plans: Italian Studies / Italian and History of Art at UCL.

The programmes for these study plans are both available online on the websites of the two universities, and have been combined in order to meet both requirements.

Both study paths require the student to have an excellent knowledge of Italian and English languages.

Study plans

file pdfItalian and history of art
A.y. 2020/2021
101 K
file pdfItalian studies
A.y. 2020/2021
110 K
file pdfItalian and history of art
A.y. 2019/2020
518 K
file pdfItalian study
A.y. 2019/2020
110 K
file pdfItalian and history of art
A.y. 2018/2019
518 K
file pdfItalian studies
A.y. 2018/2019
405 K

Study abroad

It is necessary for students enrolled in this programme to attend their first and second year at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and their third and fourth year in London at UCL.

Both Ca’ Foscari and UCL have student services that can help with finding student accommodation. For information about student housing, please contact:

Incoming Students

  • Application forms can be found at
  • Students who fulfill the entry requirements will be invited to a preliminary interview where we will assess their motivation and language skills
  • Students should refer to the International Office to complete any remaining documentation required
  • The Welcome Unit of the International Office will be available to help with admin and general logistics

Completing the Degree

Students will complete their degree, after four years, at the UCL university. The fourth and final year of the course will also count as the first year for those intending to complete a Master's degree in Italian Philology and Literature.

Last update: 25/02/2021