The degree programme in Philosophy, International and Economic Studies is limited admissions and requires candidates to pass a test: matriculation will be influenced by the candidate’s position on the ranking list.

For access, furthermore, certificated understanding of English language at level B2, at least, is required.

For NON-EU students residing outside Europe, the admission test will consist on participating in an interview with our Professors via Skype in order to verify the entry requirements and also the motivational and cultural skills acquired. 

The admissions process is as follows:

  • online registration, if you have never been enrolled at Ca’ Foscari;
  • online enrolment for the admissions test;
  • carrying out the admissions test and being put on the ranking list;
  • place acceptance and payment of tuition fees;
  • online matriculation and payment of the first tax instalment and the university tuition fees.

If you are a candidate with a disability or with DSA, you can make use of individualized procedures for taking the test: all the specific information on the available assistance is in the admission announcement and on the services for disabled and DSA students webpage; the request is present during the online registration.

Online Registration

Registering for the admissions test for the spring selection process will be carried out from 1st July until 12pm on 4th August 2020.

With your Username and Password assigned to you at the end of the registration process you must access the Personal Area following this path: Secretary to Student Services - ESSE3 > Admissions test. 
Once you have concluded the pre-registration process you will receive a confirmation email to the email address stated in the registration process.

Enrolment Fee

Participation in the admissions test requires the payment of a tuition fee totalling 30.00 Euros, that is paid after having completed the online enrolment procedure, selecting the ‘payments’ button.

The payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system.

Admission Test

The admissions test will be carried out remotely on Friday August 21st 2020.

The details regarding how this will occur at and what time will be communicated via email a few days before the closure of the registration period.


Please note that in order to take the entry test you will need to have the following:

  • a personal computer;
  • a smartphone or tablet;
  • an internet connection via Wi-Fi or a smartphone.

All of the guidelines and technical requirements are communicated in this video about taking the test.

Verifying linguistic understanding

English language at level B2, at least, will be verified from the moment of enrollment through the possession of certificates or possible titles: see the specific web page to consult the list of linguistic certificates and cases of exemption.

If you do not have it you cannot enroll.

Place acceptance and matriculation

The procedure for accepting your place requires acceptance on behalf of the successful candidate and of those in the second round of selection depending on the available remaining places as indicated in the call for admission. Any remaining places after the second round of selection may be reassigned.

If you succeed in obtaining a place from the ranking list, you must accept your place through the specific online procedure by 1st September 2020.

Accepting the place coincides with matriculation and involves two steps:

  • Completion of the enrolment application online;
  • Payment of the first instalment of tuition fees: the payment must be carried out using the PagoPA system by pressing the payment button that will generate upon completion of the online enrolment application form. The first instalment of tuitions will not be reimbursed in any circumstance.

If you do not pay before the deadline indicated above, you will lose the right to enrol: if you have trouble with any aspect of the process, please contact  the registration office before the deadline.

Processing registration form

Accepting the place and payment of the first installment does not mean that the student is automatically enrolled. Enrollment will be developed by the Matriculation Sector and communicated via email.

For students who have obtained a degree outside Italy, enrollment will be possible only after the pre-evaluation procedure. For more information please contact the Welcome Unit.

Particular Cases

Remember that it is possible to enrol in a degree programme requesting again for:

Last update: 15/10/2020