Bachelor's Degree Programme in
Philosophy, International and Economic Studies





Why enrolling in this programme


This BA degree programme entirely taught in English offers a flexible, international and multidisciplinary education enabling you to analyse and interpret social, political and economic phenomena. By choosing the appropriate courses, students can then continue on to the relevant MA degrees in Philosophy, International Relations, Global Development and Entrepreneurship and Economics and Finance offered by Ca’ Foscari since they will have accumulated enough credits to gain access to each one of them


is inspired by the PPE of the University of Oxford, and is a multidisciplinary course that brings together critical philosophical keys to economic, historical and juridical knowledge: it opens up to various successive training courses


the topics dealt with, the geopolitical areas taken into consideration, the political, economic and anthropological problems faced, the heterogeneous provenance of teachers and students, give this course a strong international vocation

Professional profiles

in the national and international field
(particularly all those Organizations, governmental or non-governmental (NGOs), whose support activities, or charitable support, play a valuable role in socio-political contexts characterized by situations of considerable difficulty)

consultant in the international economic field or international relations

a good foundation on which to start a career in public policy


Tuition fees 2018/2019: 3rd instalment by 15/05

From the A.Y. 2018/2019, tuition fees will be divided into 3 instalments: pay attention to the deadlines!

  • First instalment: within 1st October 2018
  • Second instalment: within 17th December 2018
  • Third instalment: within 19th May 2019

If you don't pay within the deadlines, you will be charged two default extra fees (the first one will be of 50,00 Euro; the second one will be of 200,00 Euro).
The second default extra fee will be charged from the 31st day after the deadline of the first instalment; or from the 10th day after the deadline of the second and the third instalment.

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