Bachelor's Degree Programme in
Philosophy, International and Economic Studies





Why enrol in this programme


study in English to gain a flexible, international and multidisciplinary education that will enable you to analyse and interpret social, political and economic phenomena. By choosing the appropriate courses, you can continue on to the MA degrees in Philosophy, International Relations, Global Development and Entrepreneurship, and Economics and Finance offered by Ca’ Foscari


benefit from a multidisciplinary course that is inspired by the PPE of the University of Oxford: it brings together critical philosophical perspectives and knowledge of economics, history and law, preparing you for a variety of future studies and careers


develop a strong international vocation: analyse a variety of topics; consider various geopolitical areas; explore political, economic and anthropological issues; and interact with international teachers and students

Your future career options

work in the national and international field
(in particular in governmental or non-governmental organisations that support charities and make valuable contributions in challenging socio-political contexts)terized by situations of considerable difficulty)

work as a consultant in the international economic field or international relations

develop a solid foundation on which you can build a career in public policy


All students must fill in their study plan every year in order to register for exams. 

For the academic year 2022/2022, students enrolled in the first year can fill in their study plan from 25th July 2022. Students enrolled in the following years can fill in their study plans when their exam sessions in September are over (please refer to the academic calendar). 
Study plans can be modified until 1st March 2023

For further information, please refer to the Study plan and exams page.




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Dorsoduro 3484/D, Calle Contarini, 30123 Venice (Italy)